Hagona offers a wide range of products in field of heat


              Stacking of Cores

 Automatic tank soldering machine

                 Bolted Radiators


Oil Coolers
Fuel Coolers
Demisters / Cab Heaters
Complete Cooling System for Main Battle Tanks
Charged Air Coolers **
After Coolers **

  Note: ** Products Being Launched


Halgona offers Copper Brass Radiators with many combinations/constructions. Soldered Brass / Steel sheet metal tank radiators for light to medium duty vehicles and equipments such as pick up trucks, light construction &  agricultural equipment, heavy duty trucks & passenger buses, earth moving equipment & marine application , Gensets & compressors.

 Down flow or cross flow designs, with or without deaeration
 Cores can be constructed with either louvered serpentine fins or
 flat -plate fins with or without louvered design.
 Pre engineered models also available for domestic applications.
 Fabricated or Deep drawn  tank Radiators
Tanks made of brass, steel, stainless steel 
Variety of tube & fin designs & spacings
Wave soldering of tube to header plate joints.
Built in or separate de-aeration system.
Straight Fin system
Variable Fin densities - 5, 6, 7,8,9,10 FPI
Variable Tube densities - 8, 10, 16 mm pitch along the face.
Variable Tube Size - 2.2 mm & 2.8 mm tube thickness.
Variable Fin size - 2 rows to 6 rows
Serpentine fin or Corrugated fin system.
Fixed Fin densities - 7 corrugations per inch.
Variable Tube densities - 9 & 10 mm pitch along the face.
Variable Tube Size - 2.2 mm & 2.8 mm tube thickness.
Variable Fin size - 2 rows to 5 rows
 Oil Coolers
Straight Fin system
Corrugated Fin system
Spiral Flat fin system
Spiral Wire wound system
 All the above are  offered with seamless tubes.

Bolted Radiators
Rugged, protective units, for heavy-duty equipment requiring strength & durability such as large trucks, 
 construction & earth moving equipment, agricultural vehicles & Industrial equipment.


Radiator for Vintage European Tractor

Cooling system with  2 Radiators & 3 Oil  coolers;  consists of 580 components


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