100 workers.
Halgona team
                         Team halgona
30 technical.
20 administrative staff.
8 security personnel.
7 managers.
3 shifts.
2 acres of land.
1 Managing Director and A Chairman.


20 special purpose machines
20 general purpose machines
10 work stations
4 Transport Vehicles



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 Message from CEO


Prakash Makan CEO, Halgona Radiators

Halgona Radiators is one of the leading manufacturers of heat exchangers in India, and has managed to maintain an impressive growth rate even in these times of recession. This comes at a point when many similar manufacturing plants have shut down. How does Halgona do this?
As CEO of Halgona, I would like to believe that this is because of the following three factors:

  • Minimum response time in designing/developing prototypes meeting exacting customer heat dissipation requirements and engineering/manufacturing the product..

  • Our constant endeavour towards customer satisfaction by providing superior quality of products and excellent after-sales service.

  • Constant technological upgradation . For example, we are in the midst of of bringing out heat   exchangers based on the latest cuprobraze technology from Europe.
In case you are planning on visiting Bangalore, please do feel free to drop in and meet with us.
Prakash Makan